Grace Church Manchester

Broadgrace Church Norfolk

About Us

Name: Hello, we are John and Flick, and we have two beautiful girls called Daisy and Eliza.

We like: Big portions, Norfolk pork pies and the grace of Jesus (not necessarily in that order!)

We dislike: Salvation by works and non-enthusiastic participation


What We Do

We left Grace Church (formally called The Plant) at the end of August 2009 after five really fun and exciting years there. We moved to North Norfolk to plant a church in the rural area north of Norwich, in partnership with Surrey Chapel in Norwich, and other local Christians. This led to the establishment of a new church call BroadGrace.

BroadGrace is a church that began meeting publically in May 2010. We exist to serve the people of Broadlands and North Norfolk. We meet most Sundays in Hoveton, occasionally in Coltishall and would love to see people from those places and the villages and towns roundabout coming together to get to know and follow Jesus. In time we would love to see more churches started so that the villages and towns of North Norfolk have relaxed, welcoming, Jesus-centred communities in them to follow Jesus together and introduce others to him.

How You Can Help

If you would like to help, we would very much value your prayers. If you would like our prayer letter then please .