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Daniel Raju

About Myself

Name: Daniel Raju

I like: Missions and Home food (would love it if my mum cooks) …

I dislike: Loneliness...

What I Do

I love missions. I moved to the Northern part of India as a missionary a few months ago after getting a special and clear call from God. It has been amazing to witness God working here for past few months of my stay. Three churches have already been started! You can see thousands of villages and millions of people, within the district, who do not know the love of God. Sadly, some of them haven’t even heard the name of Jesus. It is my desire to plant churches in as many villages as I can during my life time, taking help from people with like-mindedness and carrying a similar vision. Right now, I am working in the town where I live and in four more villages. Church planting is the main focus. I go out distributing tracts and interacting with people during the week days.

As well as that, I am doing my Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) at Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, in Extension. This is a two year course, as I already have a Bachelors degree in theology. I aim to be completing this course by December 2013.

I also travel around to Bible schools to teach Missions to Bible Students around India. I have family in South India, my parents are missionaries as well and I have a brother and four sisters. All of us are involved in Lord’s work at different levels.

How You Can Help

Prayer - please  if you'd like to receive my prayer requests. Your prayer support would be much appreciated.

Financially – Since this is a pioneering work and I am all alone, I need to raise my own support. If you would like to partner me financially, please .