Grace Church Manchester

Redeemer Church Leeds

About Us

Name: Hello, we are Gary and Hannah. We have three little boys called Noah, Joseph and Henry. We also have a baby daughter called Martha.

We like: Music, reading, Yorkshire Tea, family days and the simple pleasures in life.

We dislike: Bad coffee, dark mornings, rainy days and Mondays.


What We Do

We moved to Leeds at the end of 2010 after Gary had served in a number of different churches in the north of England. We spent time praying and planning before starting to gather a core team together to plant a church. This led to the establishment of a new church called Redeemer.

Redeemer began meeting publically in September 2011. As a church, we exist for the glory of God, through the spread of the gospel. We long to see our city transformed as people meet Jesus. We're a group of ordinary people, changed by Jesus with a heart to see his good news spread into our city and beyond. It's been an exciting journey so far with many encouragements and challenges, but we're full of hope as we look to God for the future.

How You Can Help

We would love for you to join us in praying for our city. If you would like to become a preayer partner then please .